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golden gate in james bondOne of my biggest dream is to visit USA and see all the places I know from movies. Of course, USA isn’t only country where we can see movie’s location. For example: Europeans can go to Croatia, to Dubrovnik and can admire locations from “Game of Throne”. Romance’s fans should go to London and find places from “Notting Hill” or “Love actually”.

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What are the locations I would like to visit in USA?

New York

There is a lot of places I know form movies. Fifth Avenue, where Audrey Hepburn visited shops in “Breakfest at Tiffany’s”. Central Park with ZOO where lives king Julian and the Penguins. Places where stayed Kevin during his temporary residence in New York (and that the reason I also want to go to Chicago where is his home from the first part). And Times Square where Avengers was fighting.

Breakfest at Tiffanys

Monument Valley and Mexican Hat

Route 163 is a place where Forrest Gump finished his run. And This place we can also admire in old westerns.


I need to see stairs where Rocky was training.

Devil’s Tower

This incredible mountain we can see in Spielberg’s movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and in horror “Devil’s Tower”.

Los Angeles

It is a homeland for many, many movies. I would like to go to the Universal Studio Hollywood – big theme park with buildings we know from different movies. There is also possibility to visit real studio where movies are produced. And this is my biggest dream at the moment.

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