Written by Super User

movie bookThe stereotype sounds: book are always better than their film version. And I believe very often it is true, because it is hard to tell the same story with another medium.

Books are much more detailed – words show us a lot of inner world of characters. Movie operates another tools and also can show us different view.
But there are a few exceptions of movies which are better than book prototype. Are you interested?
1. Chocolat (2000)
The novel of Joanne Harris is a boring, easy romance. We have two people, who fall in love – and that the all story. Really, it is boring. But the movie... Romance is only addition, some spicy. The main theme is otherness and tolerance. The story is wise, can teach us very important things. And I love the movie also for scenes of chocolate’s production. I can with it only with some chocolate.
2. Forrest Gump (1994)
The movie is found as cult today. And book – does someone remember it? Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis created a beautiful picture. Without cosmic travel and cannibalism.
3. Jaws (1975)
JawsYes, it is film version of the book. And – just like in case of Chocolat – the book is romance. Steven Spielberg throw out all of the romance plots and made a very good movie. But now people are scared of sharks but they don’t eat people. Not oftener than other animals.
4. Interview with the vampire (1994)
I like the book but Tom Cruise as Lestat win everything. The best casting ever – in contrast to Brad Pitt as Louise.