Written by Super User

eat cinemaI am the really cinema-goer, I spend a lot of time in cinema – alone or with friends. We have a habit to visit cinema in every Saturday evening. It could be very nice but sometimes we meet people who change it brutally. And I made a list of people who we don’t want to meet in the cinema.

1. People who eat
It is not about just eating. They crunch, slurp and rustle packaging. Their snacks also smell – but not pleasant. Their behaviour disturbs everyone else and is very annoying.
2. People who are late
Do you know that? The movie is beginning, lights are off, conversations quiet down. And then – they are becoming. They whisper, find their seats, elbow their way. And all of movie magic is gone.
3. People who comments
And they don’t do that by whisper. No, they comment loud – to be heard by all of the cinema. Their comments are often very stupid and senseless. And they can destroy all the pleasure of watching movie in cinema.
4. People who gossip
cinema noisei don’t know why they come to the cinema. They don’t watch the movie because they are too busy with gossip. OK, it’s not my business if they don’t want to watch the movie but they also disturb other people. And it’s annoying.
5. People in love
They don’t watch the movie, they only come to the cinema for kisses or something. Unfortunately, sometimes they make it very loud.
6. People who laugh
It is OK if we watch comedy. But they laugh all the time. There is a scene of the death of main character’s friend – it is tragic, really – and they laugh.
So I appeal to your feelings: don’t be asshole in the cinema and let other people to watch the movie, OK?